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Bonza Bait is the largest fishing bait and tackles supplier in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, and we provide merchants with the Complete Bonza Bait Retail System.

As a retailer for Bonza Bait...

you are guaranteed that your store employees will not need to put so much effort into doing everything. No expertise is needed for all Bonza products.

We Offer the Complete
Bait Retail System

After contacting us, we will discuss your requirements for your store.
We will then go to work and create your customised Bait & Tackle set-up.

No effort is required from your store staff:

  • Bonza staff manage stocks to agreed levels, with regular/flexible deliveries.
  • Bonza staff maintain and clean freezers and display units, provided by Bonza.

No expertise is required from your store staff:

  • Customers self-select, using Bonza’s Bait Guides (including tide times) and colour-coded product range.
  • Customers self-select from a range of bait and tackle, customised to your outlet’s local fishing conditions and seasonality.

About Us

Our family has been in the fishing and bait industry since 1948. Bonza Bait is now the major bait supplier to Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. Bonza Bait is currently servicing Australia and internationally with equipment and fishing accessories. We have always believed in the importance of quality, service, and professionalism. This is evident in the introduction of Bonza Bait's Complete Bait Retail System™, which is the culmination of decades of knowledge and was created in collaboration with our retail clients.

Bonza Bait obtains fresh fish straight from the quay, organising and negotiating the catch with fishermen directly. This provides the highest quality, the best price, and the freshest local goods, which may be complemented with imported products owing to seasonality.

Before delivery to retailers, the product is processed and packed in Bonza Bait's purpose-built facilities in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Today is the perfect time to learn about the Complete Bait Retail System™. Contact us now.

The Benefits that We Provide for Our Retailers

Bonza Bait helps retailers to ensure that everything in their store is organised from set-up to inventory and deliveries. It is also our goal to ensure that our retailers always have very satisfied customers because we believe that our retailers’ success is also our success. Therefore, the stocks are managed based on the agreed level with the highest quality bait and tackle products delivered on time. Our Bonza staff also ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of freezers and display units.


Customers benefit
by having:

  • Highest Quality Products
  • Colour-coded packaging
  • Range selected for seasonality and local conditions.
  • Bait Guides (incl. tide times) for self-selection
  • Maintenance and cleaning of freezer and display
  • Regular and flexible delivery service

Today is the perfect time to learn about the Complete Bait Retail System™.

How Can We Help You?

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